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BioPhora - Advanced Protection SPF 45 water and sweat resistant

BioPhora - Advanced Protection SPF 45 water and sweat resistant

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The BioPhora - Advanced Protection SPF 45 is your go-to sunscreen for ultimate skin protection. Designed to shield your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, this sunscreen offers advanced protection in a lightweight and non-greasy formula.

With a PABA and Paraben-Free formulation, this sunscreen is gentle on your skin and suitable for all skin types. The water and sweat-resistant formula ensures that it stays put, even during outdoor activities or when you're working up a sweat.

Key features:

  • High SPF 45 protection: With its high SPF rating, this sunscreen provides dependable and long-lasting protection against the sun's damaging rays.
  • Aloe Vera Gel base: The soothing Aloe Vera Gel base adds a refreshing touch to this sunscreen, leaving your skin feeling nourished and hydrated.

Apply this sunscreen directly on your skin or layer it over your favorite moisturizer for added hydration. Its non-greasy texture and no-slip formula make it easy to apply and suitable for daily use. From beach days to outdoor sports, this sunscreen has got you covered.

Protect your beautiful skin from the sun's harmful rays with the BioPhora - Advanced Protection SPF 45. Don't compromise on your skin's health in the sun —invest in the ultimate sun protection today.

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